gifts of love

Weather has been so unpredictable these days….not only these days actually but as always….So we should really know how to cope with weather conditions isn’t it?….And speaking of coping with changes…..we’ve just attended a wedding this afternoon…..and ofcourse there were also changes on the way we celebrate our weddings…..In the exchange of “I do’s”, the bride and the groom used the word “babes” instead of their names to profess their love with each other…..Well anyway that’s what they want to call each other so let us give it to them…..As the priest said, in a wedding the real gift that you’ll receive on that day is your own wife or your own husband…..I think the secret for a marriage to succeed is when you accept your wife or your husband for who he is(be patient with each other)….and help each other grow as husband and wife (support and understand each other)…..And most importantly let God be the center of your marriage… be able to survive trials that will come your way….and you will surely have a happy and worthy union….


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