blessings and gratitude….

For three days now we really had a nice weather in our town so our cabalens were so happy about it I guess…..Our street vendors and peddlers, laborers, construction workers who work hard for a living are more pleased as well…..We can see how difficult it is for them to earn a living when we really have a bad weather….

It’s really hard to earn a living….Even in the modern world we suffer from recessions….What more with those who have less….the more they suffer…..Imagine a construction worker in the Phils. would only earn 450 pesos a day (the highest he could get…this is about 10 dollars)….and the average construction worker would earn 250 or 350 pesos a day….and they need to support their families with basic needs….Paano nga naman?….

I just thought of this because we keep on complaining about our work at times yet we do not know there are more people who suffer more than we do…..Like in our case I’m a public school teacher and I’m on vacation and I am paid even during the summer break….I think we should be thankful already of the simple graces we receive each day…..

Why are there still people who aren’t satisfied of what they have though they are already blessed?…..So I guess it’s really true that the only things that could satisfy us are the treasures that we carry in our hearts….


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