Seeking a brighter future…

We’ve had a couple of power interruptions this morning and in the afternoon in my hometown….and no water as well….and had to endure a hot weather too…..Well we’re used to it by the way….Though we have so many sources of electricity in our own country still we can’t avoid to have power failures every now and then…..coz we used up much energy I guess….. So I had no chance to finish some assignments today….Probably by tomorrow things will be alright….I hope so….

Graduation is getting nearer…..I will surely miss my students this year….I never encountered any”pasaway”among them….and hope they will continue their being good students when they’ll be in high school next year….I know they will^^…. What’s in store to all our students?…..Well I really don’t know…..Most of them prefer to work abroad for greener pastures….Why is it that I seldom hear a college student like those nursing students in my country say, “When I finish my course I would love to serve those who are less fortunate …..or serve in a poor town or barrio and help those who are suffering in my own country”….Well there are some who are willing to serve their fellow Filipinos but only a few would dream about that…..Sometimes we can’t blame them coz if you work here like if you are a nurse you would only get a low salary compared to those who are working abroad…..If you are a doctor I guess you will be properly compensated but for a nurse or a gov’t employee….it’s really hard to support your family with an average income….And it’s also a fact that for a nursing student to finish her course here she will have to pay much for her education…’s really expensive actually…..I’ve also notice that let’s say to those who study medicine or nursing here….they would be required to pass those unnecessary subjects included in their curriculum….Unlike if you study abroad like in the US they say if you take medicine there you will just have to concentrate on the subjects related to medicine….and if you have to concentrate on the theories then those are what you should study alone…..then if you shall have the training then you shall concentrate on practical work alone…..Here it’s not the case…..They kill our students….First with higher tuition fees then with complicated curriculum…..There are so many bright students here but they suffer from the selfish and business centered universities we have …..My buddy in school has two daughters taking up nursing and she has to really work hard just to support them…..and where will they serve when they finish the course?….The eldest had said “I would love to go to the US”….and what do you expect?….

Well now I will have to finish this entry or we might have a brown out later on^^…..Oh well in fairness….improvements have been made in our hometown…..Maybe we just need good leaders to be able to make our students and graduates stay in their own country and love it as well^^


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