Simple Story

As one of the common tao living in this world I only have these simple stories to share as well….

I visited my godmother’s house today and gave her the gift that I hadn’t given to her on her bday….She made me feel at home and at ease with her daughters and sons and would always introduce me to whoever is with her…I was always “feeling shy” whenever she introduces me to her guests coz she always mentions how I never forget to show my gratitude to her though it has been so many years since she had supported me in my studies….The truth is I think whatever I do to her I still couldn’t equal the love that she had given me…..

Years ago she had a granddaughter who she really loved so much…..but she had cancer and died while carrying a baby with her…..the baby died as well….During the time that her granddaughter was sick was also the time when she was supporting me in my studies…..I felt like it wasn’t right to give too much to others when you yourself needed so much too…..but she was always there for us with a smile even though she herself was suffering from a loved one’s disease….She just wanted others to be happy….that is her philosophy in life….

Now thank God that though she is already 88 yrs. old she still can do some household chores… though slightly slow when she walks but still she has that lively voice with her^^……I think she deserves happiness too for making lots of people happy in this world^^


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