Serving others…

It’s funny…at home I am the servant at school I am the boss…Asking the kids to get me a glass of water….to buy me a merienda….asking them to open the windows inside the class…close the door….erase the board…etc. etc.   At home I was like a servant, clean the bathroom, prepare food, wash the dishes, run an errand etc. etc…But then it makes me realize that each of us has a role to play in this world….

This morning while I was riding a vehicle going home after running an errand as I always do every Saturday morning…there was this driver who seemed to be drunk coz I really thought that he could have killed both of us with his style of driving….OMG…I realized also that I wasn’t that prepared to die yet when he drove really fast^^….I remember two years ago I had encountered a driver like that who isn’t afraid to die I guess….Maybe he is dead by now with his Evil Knievel style of driving while the latest one was like Michael Schumacher I guess^^…..I remember really wanting to shout at “Evil Knievel” then but because of my “shock” at how fast we are running I just prayed to God then to keep us safe and sound…but^^ instead of praying the Lord’s prayer or Hail Mary then I remember saying “Lord bless this food that we are about to receive from thy bounty haha^^ while holding onto the vehicle really tight^^”…I was really so nervous then OMG….that was also the time that I realized that I wasn’t that prepared to die yet^^But kidding aside…those drivers should know better….They  should think of the welfare of those people around them….To all the drivers out there….drive safely ok?

Are we really concern about the welfare of others? Until now I am weak and still struggling to become a better person to be able to really serve others and serve God….and we need God’s guidance to keep us safe and sound everyday…


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