Appreciating life…

How will you describe life in general?….Our answers would vary depending upon how we have lived life here on earth….if life has been kind to us or not …. or if though we may be experiencing hardships still we appreciate life as something which is so precious and is worth living…..or we find it too complicated and then give it up as something which is not so valuable or worth living….

Yes life is just too complicated at times…There are certain things that we can’t even explain….Why do these things happen we might ask?….Those things I can’t explain I just leave them to the Father….I know He is the last Hope….The One we should cling to so that we will never lose hope….so that we will continue fighting and live this precious life given to us…..When we say we appreciate life it means having as much faith in God….If we do not have faith,  life would be useless….Just have strong faith to the Father…and everything will follow…..Trust Him and He will make you a better person…..and life would be as precious as you are…


2 responses

  1. always like to read such postings. our lives have been determined by our Father and it just need our sensitivity to follow his instructions

    its hard to understand certain events in life but we will be able to go through it easier with the Father’s help.

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