Today is a blessing…

Today is a blessing again….I have received lots of blessings for the past years until now….I should be happy….and I am…

I thought of some good things I’ve done and those naughty^^ ones as well….Somehow I want to keep those good things in my heart…..

As I grew older I notice that I am learning to appreciate myself more and all the efforts I’ve done in the past…..Maybe it’s because of how people see us and appreciate us or how we’ve shared our lives with them and made them happy…..I see how people cling to goodness no matter how complicated situations have been in their lives….in our lives…..Yes….we always change for the better in the end…..We may be on the wrong side of the road for quite some time but later on we realize our efforts to do good will always prevail….That’s how we see life….we see people….We never fail to understand others because that’s how we really see ourselves…..We knew people are like us….goodness dwell in those hearts of ours….Deep inside we only wanted what’s best for others…..

And today is a blessing again…yes.. coz it’s my birthday….hoping that I could make other people happy in the simple things I do….from now and for the coming years to come….I also thank God for this day….and I thank everyone who have shared their lives with someone like me….


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