School life….

It was a busy day yesterday and I miss blogging^^….I was assigned to administer a test in another school….Every grading period we transfer to other schools to act as proctors….I don’t know why we have to transfer while my students are having their exams as well….It wasn’t a division, regional, or a national test….it’s just a school periodic test…..I really wanted to stay with my own kids, to be able to see how they fare with the test….coz the test was made by the supervisors not us….Yes we follow their curriculum…..but I feel like they should let us decide if some portions should be taught yet or not…..Isn’t it that the center of the educative process should be the child not the subject matter?….That’s what is happening now in our system…..The fast learners and the slow learners have the same type of periodic exams…..Our school mps as well as the other schools have been low or average because of those factors….I hope there will be changes on these things….we have been complaining but our complaints remain unanswered….


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  1. Teachers are entirely accountable for the shift towards “child centered learning”. This may be one effect of unintended consequences resulting from a progressivist agenda but it certaintly wasn’t parents demanding such child centered approaches. Subject based approaches rather than themes based are critical for students early understanding. See and review articles.

  2. Thank you for a nice comment yet I find approaches in learning as not so flexible…they could be acceptable to certain types of learners or group of people but may not be appropriate to others…so we can’t say that this approach could be appropriate to students early understanding…we have to consider also the type of learners that we have…

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