What are you proud for accomplishing in 2008?

What are you proud for accomplishing in 2008? Anything you wanted to accomplish that didn’t quite happen?

I don’t think I would call it really an accomplishment….but this year I was more than willing to accept responsibilities both in my personal and public life….I just felt like as you grow older I think you become more stubborn in a way that you won’t easily agree or accept things others want you to do….But in my case this year I was more cooperative^^ and more than willing to serve others….though still stubborn^^I am willing to be more flexible and cooperative next year….Looking back I remember when my boss told me to stay in the office for an extended time….I said to her “Hey ok from 7am  to 2pm you’re still my boss but after 2pm you’re no longer my boss”….So I left and didn’t listen to her….Actually she was hurt then I knew it but I was so “arrogant”…Now I try to become more caring and weigh things first before I make my move….or any decision making…. As far as what I wanted to accomplish but didn’t quite happen….I don’t expect too much or anything when it comes to accomplishments coz I knew if you do you will only get frustrated….but ofcourse when I was younger I was so ambitious and so driven….Now I see myself as easygoing….I don’t know but some say it doesn’t really matter if you’re young or old….Some accomplish big things at the later part of their lives but others at a very young age…like Charice Pempengco haha….Maybe some are like Abraham Lincoln….He was better at the later part of his life….What’s important I guess is you never stop dreaming….you never stop aiming for something big in this world…So I think I still have something to look forward to…I guess so…..Two thousand eight….It was fun….I had lots of good memories….though there were some crying crying times^^still it was a great and wonderful year… .


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  2. you know what, my perceptions about success or accomplishments changed when i had my son… i appreciate the world more and even the simplest of things count… i wouldn’t consider preparing breakfast an accomplishment before but i do now… it’s not easy! so be easy on yourself… what you’re doing is already an accomplishment… when people read the things you write, they stop and think about what they just read… sometimes reflecting on themselves… that’s not easy 🙂

    anyway, i hope i could meet someday when i go home… we’re cabalens right?

  3. Hi betchay..thank you to those kind words^^..yes we are cabalens..I knew you studied at AUF right…at the back of AUF that’s where i attended my elem. years..Yes maybe we could see each other someday..Just tell me if you’re home already^^

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