A Special Christmas

Can you imagine life without Christmas? As a Filipino here are some of the things we might miss….

1. Noche Buena…..sharing a decent meal or whatever we can afford with our families after attending a midnight mass at Christmas….

2. Simbang Gabi…..we usually have holy masses for nine days every night in preparation for Christmas….

3. Kris Kringle….sharing gifts with friends and family….

4. Christmas Carols….some civic organizations and young people visit and serenade homes with Christmas songs usually for a good cause…..

5. Pagmano sa Ninong at Ninang….Filipino tradition of receiving gifts from godparents….

6. Family reunions….the best time to be with our families…..

7. Lechon, queso de bola, bibingka, puto bumbong, kalamay and other finger foods abound….”busog talaga” to the max^^

8. Christmas lights, Christmas lanterns, Christmas trees could be found mostly in Filipino homes whether in rural or urban areas….almost anywhere…. on the streets, malls, etc….

9. Christmas shoppings, bargains are always available…..everyone is happy I guess^^…..

10. Lastly it’s the best time to reconcile with family members and friends…..a time to humble ourselves…..

These are some of the wonderful things Christmas offer to us…..maybe some of them will be or might not be within our reach…..still I want Christmas to stay forever…..to be in our hearts always…..


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