How time flies so fast!…..I’m getting old already^^…..but still there are so many things to learn…..It’s true that the more you learn the more you will realize that you need to learn more….The more you will realize that you are still innocent of the things around you…..that’s what learning or acquiring knowledge and wisdom is….That’s why we do not stop searching for answers to all our questions in life…..Even if you are already self sufficient still somehow you won’t stop asking questions…..because of our imperfections we aren’t yet satisfied…..There’s is no point of satisfaction….we always reach for the top….and when we get to the top…what then?…..There is what we call the law of diminishing return…..the tendency for you is to go backwards… will slowly return to where you belong… where you have been…..We have the ups and downs of life…..How does it feel to be on top?…..Maybe when you are already at the top…it’s gonna be too tough to raise one’s head up……because when you are at the top the tendency is for you to look down…..I feel like God created us to humble ourselves in the end….whether we made it or not…..His real intention in creating us is to be like Him… humble ourselves despite the success we might have in this world…..


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