Trusting my Savior…..

What are the things that we do when we are sick or suffering from pains?….In my case….I always offer whatever it is that I feel to God….Once I was confined in the hospital and it was my first time ever to be confined….I was already in my 30’s then yet I acted like a child and I “texted” God and asked him to ease the pain that I was going through ….( I made some number combinations as if they are God’s numbers^^…..and you know what?…..I was able to sleep soundly after I texted Him^^)…..Just knowing that God loves us and knows how we feel means a lot to me already…..That was the reason why I felt so relieved inspite of the pain that I was going through…..

Many times I asked God why do we have to suffer from heartaches, poverty, injustice, wars, corruptions etc…..There are even those who had suffered much from what we had experienced…..And then we just stop complaining when those very people who suffered greatly than us would tell us how beautiful life is or how good God is to all of us…..In a way… in my humble experience,  I was able to appreciate God’s love for me when He embraced me and forgave me for all the stupid things that I’ve done…..Maybe if I had not experienced those things I wouldn’t have been a better person as I am today….though I think I am still struggling to be one……a true Christian…..

I had experienced crying almost every night…..but I had no regrets when those things had happened…..They happened because God wants me to humble myself… make me understand that He is my savior….the one hope that I needed in this world……

All the things that had happened to me were all forgiven by Him……God knows us better than anyone else in this world……Let’s put our trust in Him…..Trust God and everything will be alright^^…….


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  1. philip yancey has an awesome book called “where is god when it hurts” and it often comes as a two part with “dissapointment in god” and they deal with those subjects and are an awesome read!

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