It’s gonna be 40 days to go before Christmas^^…..In the Philippines people get so excited and they make early preparations for it…..whether in schools, offices, shopping malls, markets, restaurants, hospitals, you will see Christmas decorations already to some as early as September….

There are also those who are into charitable acts when this season comes….Recently in our school….we had just been adopted by some foreign missionaries from the US and Canada….and even with our own kababayans….

It’s really different when this season comes….Although some of us may have some personal hurts or problems  … those things will be offset as we feel love and charity ruling the season….

Though there are some news that really saddens us like there are some kababayans and even other nationalities who lost their jobs in foreign countries because of global economic problems….and we know how badly they needed jobs in order to sustain their families….and the fact that Christmas is getting nearer…. but ofcourse we must not lose hope and trust God always….

I was also touched by what happened to my fellow teacher’s Mom who had a stroke and suffered from loss of her memory and speech…It was really heartbreaking…..though I can see how strong her Mom is and how my co teacher dealt with this problem with so much faith…..I know they will be fine…..

There was also this news of a brave British teenager who refused to undergo heart transplant…..She reminded me of my late father who did the same thing….There are so many miracles that could happen or had happened in this world…We just have to understand what is going on to appreciate them….


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