And they blame each other^^…..

We had a sports fest yesterday in our district and one of the participants on the chess event happened to be a young 2nd grader who is just so smart that she was able to compete with other much older participants…..The young girl was with her coach and her mother …..but during the game itself the coach is not allowed to enter the room where the contest is going on……So there would be chances for the kids to set some rules for themselves when the proctor wouldn”t take a close look at them….So it happened that this young girl lost in one of the games because her other older opponent outsmarted her…..There was a ruling that there will be a ‘touch move” during the game yet the older opponent did not follow the rules strictly….

So the young and honest girl lost…..After the game when she was already with her coach and her mother…..Her mother was upset and said…..”Why didn’t you tell the proctor that your opponent cheated during the game”……The young girl said….”I just gave her a chance to correct her moves so that she’ll still have the chance to continue with the game because it’s too early for her to lose”…..Then the mother said…..”It’s your fault that you lost the game…..You are too kind!”…..But the young girl replied……”Yes but don’t blame me if I am kind…..It’s your fault Mother because you are so kind too!^^”…..

That was it and both just smiled at each other….Haha!… It was really heartwarming to hear both mother and daughter take things lightly during the sports fest yesterday^^…..


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