Let’s Be Happy…

Oh my….what do we really need to make us happy?….Probably we knew already what could make us happy….but how come there are still so many lonely people in the world…

Yes….maybe a few of us knew but most of us don’t …..We don’t really seek for true happiness…..Why?…. because we are unnatural….We seek for artificial happiness, not those which are lasting…..That is why in the end we lose….how can you win when all you do is do whatever you want even if it isn’t right….Yes….maybe you can deceive others but not yourself…..It is us who create our own unhappiness….by embracing those which are not pleasing to God….

So make ways to accept God’s will….How can we be so stubborn….just because we are so secured…..Right now seek for true happiness…..Let’s add more happy people in the world^^


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