Unite and be good…

It’s been a very tiring week for us…I was able to take a nap in school after we had our lunch…Oh..how I wish it’s Friday already…

I met an old friend yesterday…We talked about our work…How I wish she was with us…She is one good teacher…I admire her courage and dedication in her work…but we don’t belong to the same district anymore….When I was just new in my profession I remember looking up to her and making her as one of my inspirations…Now I miss her….yet we’re still lucky to have Mam Alice with us….she’s our protector too….but it will be much better to have “the craziest” group of people^^ fighting for your rights….Sad to say…the new president of our organization has no bones…no liver…no nothingT_T….Hoping there would be changes for the better in this corrupt system of ours….There are so many teachers leaving the department when there are so many students who need them to stay….”Parang kanya kanya na lang tuloy kami ng langoy!”….

I teach my students now to do what is right…be good even in their own little ways….to have a brighter future…


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