Work and smile….

Sigh….What a day!….There were some class observations in our school….Geez….I thought I would be hit by a hurricane knowing this supervisor who visited us as unappreciative….Well luckily we were able to pass her standards….If she thinks otherwise well at least we did our best!….And I could always defend myself if she isn’t satisfied!….

This is the reason too why we wanted to have new techniques in teaching lessons…That is why we as much as possible research on lessons and methods needed to raise the quality of education in our department….

Speaking of pressures etc., I think it’s already a part of our lives…Don’t you think?…They always come and go…then come and go again…It won’t end…But I always think Filipinos aren’t as pressured as some people in the world…Let’s say if you live in America…if it’s work you really have to work seriously, whereas if you’re in my country…we work with pleasure…with a smile…That’s why we do not developed as a country^^Ouch!….Yes…in America time is gold…In the Philippines time is a luxury….we waste so much of it….Maybe it would take hundreds of years to change our attitudes though in a way….it makes living in the Philippines more pleasurable because of less stress in life….though we have less compensations or benefits as well….


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  1. What you say is sooo true! We have a tendency to just laugh things out…Sana di ganon…I’m working with Koreans and sila sobrang O.C O.C. sa work! Parang ibang iba ang work ethic ng Filipinos. I’m not saying that ours is inherently dysfunctional, but I think it’s high time for some change.

  2. Hi there! Nice site! Nice post! Sadly, this is true. It’s one or the other, apparently. You could get all serious, and but you’d reap the stress too. You could be laxed, but you’d be broke as well. Tough call. I’m sure there’s a way to achieve harmonious balance of both, though.

  3. @Boogie…thank you…yes it’s a matter of attitude I think…you may work hard but you should also know your limitations…yeah there are those who have good work attitudes!

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