A Loving Godchild

I had the opportunity to visit my godchild after a long time of not doing so….”how cold hearted I had been” T_T…..Though when I finally visited her she was asleep and they wanted to wake her up but I told them not to do so coz she looked so tired…..and I don’t wanna bother…..though I know if she’ll see me she’d be so very happy coz I know she misses me much^^…..

In a way I felt like,  though we don’t see each other that much….I still feel closer to her as her godparent….

She was actually born deaf…..yet every time I see her she always gives me a message which is so clear….and that is she needs me and I am so important to her…..though I haven’t given her much attention and love,  she always consider me as special in her life…..and I thank her for that…..

“Love cures people, both the ones who give it and the ones who receive it. -Dr. Karl Menninger”


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