Humility….My Turning Point

A Happy Tune On A Lazy Afternoon

Teardrops fell on my pillow
One lazy afternoon
While I listen to a sad song
After playing the spoons

So I kept my mind busy
And tried not to be lonely
Kept the teardrops off my pillow
And sang a happy tune

A few years back I was so very lonely….I thought the pain in my heart won’t leave me…..I kept hurting myself…..I thought I knew better……Then I humbled myself….I asked our Father to forgive me…..I realized how selfish I had been…..When I finally humbled myself…..that was the turning point……The blood in my teardrops were gone……Instead I noticed a “star” formed from my teardrops…..Though I still cry every now and then….there was not much pain anymore on some tears that I shed…..Humility has healed my wounds…..


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