I got sick last night….Maybe it’s because of the bad weather we’ve had for the past days….at times it rains and at times the sun just comes out…Though I’m fine now….I slept earlier than I used to and maybe I just needed some rest^^

We were busy in school….We have so many activities coming up as well….The kids though are very cooperative so I feel like the load is not too heavy to take^^…

Speaking of the weather again….its unpredictability can’t be controlled….just like some events or situations in our lives….So we must think about how  we affect others on the things that we do….We must be aware of our actions and make necessary adjustments if we feel like we are being unfair to others….We should be careful with those things….The weather is not always on our side….

Maybe if we only have an open mind….we could be able to solve whatever disagreements we have….

Speaking of disagreements….I think we should humble ourselves…. Respect the other person if there’s a need for us to meet halfway…..Be sincere with our intentions….Understand each other….Give the other person a chance to show that he has an open mind, an open heart….Tell him with all fairness and dignity the grievances and plans you have….and  you’ll be surprised even a bad person has a good side, a kindness in him…..

Now even the bad weather can’t pull you away from where you are….


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