They say there’s no point of satisfaction ……We always strive for more…….but then when you ask for more don’t forget to look back where you came from……Yes we aren’t satisfied unless we get what we want……but after getting what we want…….are we truly happy?……Happiness can only be achieved when we know how to humble ourselves……no matter how hard we have tried in order to succeed there will be no satisfaction unless we put ourselves to where we should be…….Accept the will of the Father……He knows best than anyone of us no matter how famous or successful we have been…..


7 responses

  1. When we ceased knowing how to compare then it will be time when we could truly be happy… T___T
    ung post ko na un, ano un…bayad. ehhehe. Di nmn tlga ko ganon kapressed kahit pa medyo magastos din ako..buhay binata po eh! hahaha. Buti may nagpareview sakin kahit PR0 pa rin ako. I wonder kung kelan ako magkakaPR. Do you plan to monetize your blog?

  2. When we ceased knowing how to compare then it will be time when we could truly be happy…That’s true!…

    Haha…I really like your sense of humor!…Iba ka talaga!

    Alam mo ang brains mo yun ang PR mo^^…

    Bago pa lang kasi akong nagboblog…kapag marami na akong experience…siguro gagawin ko rin yon…Anyway thanks for the encouragement…Hope you have a great day!

  3. it really depends. some people just lazed back and say they are contended with what they have.

    some kept running knowing they can achieve more.

    important, u shld know what’s yr calling and how do u bless others when u are blessed with more. we shldn’t be just contended. we are learning new things everyday.

  4. That is true as well…and when you had reached the top it means you had humbled yourself…if you wanna achieve more share your blessings^^

  5. Waaah! PR 0 ung everythingkimchi ko eh. Does that mean my brain is nil? T___T Kasi I posted an ad from PayPerPost kaya di napromote PR ko…Google hates it pala but I knew it too late.

  6. Kainis naman sila…di bale…don’t worry magsisisi rin ang mga ‘yon…naunahan ka lang nila… sa susunod ang gagawin natin sa google…ipapasara na natin hehe!(Peace^^)…But kidding aside I know you’ll make it big someday!…Weather weather lang ‘yan!^^

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