Love To Hate

Someone asked this at…….Show us something you love to hate…….

My family always makes it a point not to let me eat food which could make my BP rise….I am hypertensive due to my fondness to salty foods…ouch!….Though I’ve manage to maintain my BP now than before^^…Once I got home after work and I was too hungry to eat already (I knew there were cooked crabs -my fave seafood, but they won’t show them to me-it’s a no no^^)….But since I was really stubborn so I told them…..”I got my pay cheque today^^!”….Suddenly….my sister said to my Mom…..”MAMA…..What are you still waiting for….GET THOSE CRABS….hehe!….And so I got what I wanted….but thank God I asked them to join me in eating them^^


2 responses

  1. when i went home to the philippines last december, my mother bought me a huge crab! because crab here is about $20 or more a piece… anyway, she was watching while i ate it… then she took off the legs and said she will just eat those parts… she’s diabetic and was not supposed to eat crabs… but i guess she couldn’t resist…

  2. Oh gosh…that was too expensive…You could buy 50 pesos or more than a dollar a piece here in the Phils. for a medium size…Anyway I don’t blame your Mom coz they’re really are irresistible!

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