It’s not always a happy ending for now….

Funny how life works out sometimes… I’m both happy and sad about it… I wish I had a blog or journal back then so I could take a look back at those times……Azure Wolf

I had wished the same as my friend Azure ….but it’s never too late…..we could still write about how life had been in the past….though they may never be as exactly as how you could have vividly expressed those experiences back then than now…..however what’s important is today you had understood the reasons why those experiences happened to you in the first place….

I’ve always wanted stories as love stories to have happy endings…but as I grew older I realized things don’t turn out the way we always wanted them to be….

So looking back I really don’t appreciate movies with sad endings….but now I do not even question a story that ended sadly….

I even considered myself a spoiled brat for refusing to grow back then….

I know a girl who refuse to grow
She never cared with a word to follow
Maturity, she lacks this thing
Consideration, she never mind

What a girl! What a brat!
Sometimes she’s good
But still is bad
Bad because she never understood
How to listen to others’ words of truth….

Yes as we grow older we become more responsible……we can accept defeat easily…..we acknowledge our weaknesses…..we surrender when it’s over….we become more patient….we let things take their course….but then when it’s over, just like a tree, its roots will continue to live if you will just nourish it little by little….it may grow from a new soil or it may not live the way it was before yet it will have a new form…a new life….

There were some things that we did in the past that when we look back at them we could only smile and say….it’s not always a happy ending for now….


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