Thirsty No More

Why is it when you are thirsty and you drink water,  you won’t feel the thirst anymore unlike when you drink a soda or something which has some color, you still aren’t satisfied….

That’s how important pure water is to us….Just like when you have something which is pure and simple within you, it makes you feel comfortable, satisfied, peaceful….

I would compare water to the One above….We try to satisfy ourselves here on earth with lots of things, they may be cool, attractive, wonderful, awesome, yet something is still missing in our lives….if we don’t let the One above enter our very heart, our very soul….

When we are in war, in chaos, in tragedy we call on Him….but when we are in comfort, in luxury, in ecstasy, we most of the time don’t….

We aren’t yet home if we don’t call on Him…but once we needed Him….we will no longer be thirsty…


4 responses

  1. I love you too as a sister in Christ. ^^; ❤ Don’t mind Travelin’ Fashion muna kasi nilipat ko siya ng host eh. After 3 days pa siya marereactivate. Ikaw nga nabother ko eh…

    Keep on posting meaningful entries! Have a great week ahead!

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