Oh my…I had so much fun in my class today…^^ ;…But, there are so many heartbreaking scenes as well T_T….One of my pupils who is a very very nice kid got sick today…I told him to just go home and take some medicine but he refused….he was so stubborn and would not leave… He said he was ok….and even finished some activities in school….How patient this kid is…He even came back in the afternoon to complete his attendance…What an ideal student he is….what a brave young man as well….

He has so much patience….he has none in life but only this great interest to learn, to study…in order for him to help his family who are hard up in life…

He is not afraid of struggles….He has so much faith in God…I know he will be able to make it in the future…for he is a survivor…


5 responses

  1. Yap…I work with six graders at a public school in Angeles City…and I’ll be the luckiest teacher if you happen to be my student!^^;

    Yeah…great news!

  2. Wow! Your students are so very lucky to have a competent (English?) teacher! ^^; Your posts reflect your heart and skills.

    Naku, pag ako naging student nyo ehehehe..makukunsumi lang kayo. ^^;

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