For the past two weeks everything just worked well in school….I’m handling six graders now who happen to be so cooperative and well disciplined…Unlike the other year I was challenged to handle some stubborn or I may say rebellious students who at the young age of 12 to 15 yrs. old, already knew how to smoke and drink…I had then at least four who can’t focus on their studies because of some undesirable habits…i.e. smoking, drinking and ( I even doubt if they’re still virgins )…I remember being like Tim Duncan or Shaquille O’neal just to make sure they attend their classes and focus on their studies…By God’s grace and some unexpected “homily” every now and then, they did become a little cooperative and manage to make it through at the end of their school year…

Deep inside I know students love it when you show how much you care for them…however they try to act as if they don’t mind at all…We just need to be more caring and understanding on why they seem to lose interest on what is right…

But then, however determined teachers are for students to value education, there are some parents who don’t believe in it…As last week I saw the one who gave me some “stress” last school year who I knew is still willing to study was not so lucky enough to enroll this year because of some family problems….And worst his idleness had led him to continue with his bad habits…I wish his parents had been more patient and determined in supporting their son…so that they could see the other side of him…the bright side of him….


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