I Am My Father’s Child

Twelve years ago, I heard a song I seldom hear now, but I had a ten-minute peace when I first heard it….It was in a seminary when we had to accompany our friend who wanted to become a priest…The four of us then including the one entering priesthood were very close to our Dads…So when a seminarian during a program for neophytes sang….. “I am my Father’s child”..we became so quiet…I remember Buboy, his father then died just two months ago…Mine it was then just two years ago, and Mike and Buru were so close with their fathers as well….I guess the four of us got so emotional when we heard the song…

God is our Father…We are children of God as the song says…

I remember a couple of hours before my father died, he asked my mother to call me early in the morning (I was still sleeping) and stay with him….I had no idea that it will be the last day we will be together..He made sure that my Mom was out in his room and my siblings when he told me….”This afternoon, I will die already”….(I was shocked…can’t say anything)”…..”Don’t tell your Mom and your brothers and sisters coz I might scare them.”…(What about me huh?)

I thought that he was just joking coz just three days ago then (he loves to joke actually) he was asking me about who won in the basketball game between his favorite team and its opponent (So how could you just say that you’re dying after three days of being a sports fan?)…But that morning was different…There was something in the tone of his voice that I didn’t like and made me so scared…..I wanted to cry already….but I had to be strong…Gathering all my strength I said….”Don’t say that..You’ll still live for a long time….Remember Hezekiah…You will be like him…I know that”……….He smiled…….”Thank you….but our Father, the Most Powerful of all is calling me now……Mercado is calling me now” (Our neighbor’s name is Jesus Mercado, so he meant Jesus)…and managed to give me the sweetest smile he could give despite that weak and pale face……I began to cry slowly but without sound , hiding my face in his pillow…..I knew he wanted me to be as strong as he was so I needed to show some courage….if not he might not die so peacefully so I had to slowly and painfully let go……..

My father died peacefully in the afternoon as he predicted……..

What I learned from my own father was….We should all be good sons and daughters….as well as good parents to our children…….All his life he became obedient and loyal  to the Father…..He was truly our Father’s child….

To all our loving Fathers out there….Happy Fathers Day!….


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