What matters most…..

love and understand

When I was just a little girl my late father would read me books and share his thoughts about them….I think he was a genius….and the one who got all those wisdom in him is my older brother….and me, I was just a papa’s girl hehe  who would happily listen to him and admire his wit…

The good thing about him was everyone I think  paid  attention on what he said…..He had charisma….He was very articulate and a good conversationalist…He didn’t choose the person he would talk with…He knew how to listen…Even if you are the most boring person in the whole world, he would still listen…He  easily convinced others . …I think it’s because he was a very honest person…

I thought of him today because he is my inspiration…even if I didn’t inherit some of those wit…what matters is he gave me so much love and understanding while he was living…


2 responses

  1. Is this you Sollee? You have Korean/Chinese/Japanese blood? Yea, I’m sorry about your father. But his legacy lives in you. In God’s perfect time, we’ll meet our dears again.

  2. Hey..that’s Shin Min Ah from “A Love To Kill”…^^;but I think I do look like a Korean or a Japanese^^;…

    And thank you for those kind words and hope I could make all my father’s dreams come true…

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