WWW Dot Generation VS Gone With The Wind

If we shall compare the youth today to those of yesterday…certainly there will be lots of differences…It’s like comparing climatic conditions decades ago to the present…

When I was a child I used to play outside even without wearing my sandals ( or even without your underwear ehem) you feel the soil and you won’t feel the heat…But now you have all your paraphernalias with you and you could still feel your skin burning with heat…

Most kids before knew how to wait but now waiting was a bore…and they would even tell you how bored they were…Oh they certainly want some action most of the time….

Before when you are in a classroom…you seldom see students becoming restless…and they really pay attention to the teacher most of the time…Now you have to remind them constantly to pay attention to what you’ll have to say….they want to move more than to listen….They don’t even know how to behave in public properly…. Their way of communicating is through shouting most of the time….They even have special names for their classmates (well I think it is due to gay lingo and exposure to gay bars and some gossip shows on TV)….I always remind them about calling names like Monkey or Horsey that it’s not proper  …but they love it when you call them like Madonna, Britney Spears, Beyonce, instead of their names…They were starstruck…ehem…

And their hairs…oh my…United Colors of Benetton hehe….Although some schools are stricter and they don’t allow it…..They also have the Anime look….whereas before…..we have the Beatles look….Well somehow it has an effect on students because they don’t seem to concentrate on their studies but more on making themselves look fashionable and trendy….Well there are a few who could be both trendy and brainy…..

So much with the differences….I just felt like it’s quite difficult to raise children nowadays because of the influence of media and our environment ….How I wish we could be more vigilant to our children when it comes to disciplining them…..They are surrounded by so many temptations….Even old people are …what more with these youth…


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  2. Hi Jean…Yes I think parents play a big part in raising kids…but we should not put the blame solely on them …the media has great influence in shaping their characters as well…

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