Let’s have fun!

For almost 12 hrs. we had no electricity yesterday..Though we do have the power now, still there’s no cable and internet connection..Something happened to them because of the storm yesterday, there were actually strong winds in the afternoon but they weren’t that strong compared to the others we had experienced..

In the morning was a pleasant one..We usually do our work in the morning here because we know it always rains in the afternoon..I spent most of my time looking for school supplies for me and my niece..

We were looking forward to “back to school”..so as much as possible we wanted to have fun before school comes..Like two weeks ago I saw “Speed Racer”..hehe.. Rain finds it hard to pronounce English words just like some Koreans or Japanese….Like, instead of saying “I love you very much” they say..” I robbed you very much”..haha…But I think he had enough exposure in the film though he wasn’t the main character..Is it obvious that I am his fan?..

We have no generator coz we are just poor..so what we do is just use an emergency light.. and it needed to be charged to keep its power..When it has no power anymore it gives us an alarm or a warning which sounds like.. “sa kilikili charge”…What was that?…My niece says It needed to be charged for it has low battery already.. But I thought it was…”sa kilikili charge”…kilikili means underarm in Filipino so it means. “putting it under your armpit”…..j/k^^;….This is what happens when you don’t know what to do anymore…

Oh my…still no internet..so I’ll just save this entry for a while…I need to charge the emergency light^^;


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