What a day!

I went to my doctor this morning for our yearly check up….I had a really funny experience while I was at the X-ray room….So I went inside and the attendant who is a girl by the way told me to change my “outfit”(I thought there’s no need to change coz I used to just have my dress on then turn my back and then snap)…..But the attendant told me to get inside a room where we could get the outfits…I was in a hurry coz I knew there were many patients waiting outside so I had to make it fast….She just said wear the apron…Oh gosh  my glasses got in the way so I took it out…I wasn’t reading what’s in the outfit so I just wore the one which hung on the left side…Then I opened the door and the attendant had a big smile on her face…”OMG…How could you Mam?”….”What did I do?”…”Why did you wear my outfit….that’s private?”….so I said….”OMG….Haha…No problem…stay there pls. and I’ll have your x-ray^^;”….At least I made her laugh coz I could see that she’s so serious at that time…

Oh what a day….I had my other med tests as well…I hope my creatinine would be ok?…I’m still waiting for the results…I’ve been really careful with what I eat lately so I think it was just ok^^;


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