Top Five Break -Up Songs

This was a question of the day at Vox.Com… What are your top five break-up songs?
Submitted by gt…So here are my own top five list…What about you?

5. There’s No Easy Way To Break Somebody’s Heart…. by James Ingram….Did he break up with the girl then felt guilty?

4. Love Takes Time… Mariah Carey….Letting go is just quite difficult…

3. Break It To Me Gently….Angela Bofill….Oh..But I hate this song..If you must tell me that you don’t love me anymore pls. say so… ASAP…!

2. With One More Look At You……Oh I think this was from A Star Is Born…When Barbara Streisand had to say goodbye to her boyfriend Kris Kristofferson who died in an accident..

1. Just Once…by James Ingram…This was the theme song from The Last American Virgin…The girl got back with her former boyfriend and broke up with her current boyfriend…because she still loved her ex turning out that she doesn’t really love her current bf ..Oh my…


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