agony from an empty stomach…

In some countries Rugby is a popular sport yet it also means something else and its popularity is used in a different way. Like in a poor country like the Philippines, Rugby which is supposed to be used as a solvent and a glue in manufacturing shoes, bags, etc, is used instead as a drug (by sniffing or inhaling it repeatedly) to become high and forget about the agonizing hunger of some of our impoverished, neglected children roaming around our very own streets.

Its been a lingering problem and at least more than a million Filipino children or teens have been hooked by it. The government have done measures to control the problem with the help of some gov’t agencies like the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency and the Department of Social Welfare and Development but still its like a plague that has scattered all over the country.

I’m really not surprised if there are so many Filipinos who get hungry each day..not that we are indolent or lazy as foreigners might think..The average wage of a Filipino worker esp laborers for a day is just enough to buy a decent breakfast for the family..Prices continue to rise and the wages of workers don’t. I know how these workers feel and their way of living because we happen to teach in a public school..Many of our Kababayans have chosen to leave the country for greener that they ‘ll be able to send their children to shool..No matter how hard we try, a skilled laborer cannot sustain the basic needs of his family alone..what more his education, medicine, shelter, clothing? How long will these situations last?..I am not surprised if a poor child would sniff rugby because he can’t fight the agony of having an empty stomach..


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