Life Goes On

Indeed, life goes on…whether you are in a state of happiness or sadness, it goes on and on and it moves fast beyond our grasp. We just watch things happen and unfold right before our eyes. So you have to be strong to go with the flow.

We must also accept the fact that some things are inevitable and happen for a reason. We might have some questions about them but then we will find answers when the right time comes .For now we just have to wait or maybe not. Maybe some of them are just as clear as water (forgive the metaphor) but we are just too innocent to understand.

My friends because of you I was able to move on, to make it through in this ever changing world…You my friends are the answers to some of my never ending questions in life .Life will continue because of your love to someone like me..


2 responses

  1. Thank you Giselle…..It’s true…we do suffer from too much frustrations and hopelessness yet because of the love of people around us, we choose to move on… love of family and friends will save us in the end…

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