Lessons from Desiderata

Life is not a joke, but some of us have chosen to live it that way.

Everyday should be like a “mortal combat” for we are to fight great temptations that come our way.

Sad to say most of us just let those temptations conquer us…for fame, pride, vanity? Whatever reasons we have, we are losing the battle.

My friends, these are some lines in the poem “Desiderata”

“Avoid loud people for they are vexations to the spirit.”

Loud people teach us dishonesty, vanity, corruption of mind. Things that help us lose the battle.

The One who is the mightiest and the most powerful of all and who has won the battle has taught us honesty, compassion, love. He wants us to join Him in His freedom and triumph.

Reflections from Imitato Christi by Thomas Kempis

We must walk in the presence of God with humility and simplicity, with truth and sincerity. God resists the proud and gives his graces to the humble. We must pray to God not only with our lips, but also with our mind, will, and heart.


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