The Cure

My friends, my country is now suffering from a social cancer that is becoming too hard to heal.

A certain man who I believe has the cure for that cancer is now being crucified by some of our most influential officials in the government.

I feel sorry for the one they crucified and for those who had condemned him.

The crucified man decided to tell the truth because he is truly a son of God. Yes, he has a good conscience that no one in this world could ever change.

Those who condemn him were caught in the act. They are protecting corrupt officials in the government, so what they share to the public are lies and the dictates of those they are trying to protect.

Poor Filipinos, poor us….

I hope the one who is against the mob will not lose hope and continue to fight the mob.

In one of the crucified man’s interviews, he cried after telling this simple story.

“I once asked a poor man who has a guava tree on his backyard to harvest all of his ripe guavas to be sold and have more profit for his family. The poor man answered, No sir, there’s no need to harvest all of them. What about the little birds in my backyard? They need to be fed too.”

I understand why the crucified man cried. Now he is facing men who make multiple profits for themselves. He learned his lessons from the man who did not only think of himself but also of the little birds in his backyard.

My friends, let us support people who tell the truth so that our country will be healed and the next generation will truly be proud of us.


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