A Painful Journey

My friends…thank you for allowing me to share my humble experiences…they may be simple but nevertheless they had helped me a lot to who I am now…So here is another story…another sad story I may say…please forgive me for sharing another sad story.. but I promise not to make this page an obituary section.
I think it was a month ago or so when another news on suicide had been flashed on major networks and newspapers in the Philippines.

The news was about a young 5th grader who hanged herself because of too much poverty and hunger she had experienced before her death…And worst it was found out that those were only some of the reasons why she killed herself for there were traces of sexual abuse revealed in her autopsy.

It isn’t surprising anymore to hear these kinds of stories in my country, however shameful they may be………the victms are always our poor children.

I do understand how poverty could kill a person’s hope to continue living in this world……..but for a young girl to kill herself because of poverty is something very painful…….and to be abused and to lose one’s hope is too much for a young girl to bear……..

My child,… my precious child….. you had turned my morning to a night…..


Don’t know how to start the day
Drink my coffee or comb my hair
Turn on the radio or switch to TV
This November morning is not so easy.

So thanks if you asked a favor
Find my self a newstand therefore
But sorry,”What’s The News” had been sold out!
Worry not many choices can be had.

On my way saw the first choice of the day
Happy faces greet the morning with their play
But there’s a child as I turn to my right
My November morning she had turned to a night.

She wanted to join those happy faces
But she could not they should meet the day’s graces
One November morning could not be spared
To a busy child who has got no choices.

……The world has enough for peoples needs but not enough for peoples greed…..Mother Theresa…….


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